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Still Separate and Unequal: The Education of Children with Disabilities in New Jersey
The 2004 Report of The New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities shows that there still is an entrenched pattern of segregation of children with disabilities in the classrooms of New Jersey schools. This report could describe your state as well.
The New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities, originally sanctioned as the New Jersey Developmental Disabilities Council, is authorized by the federal Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act and New Jersey state law to promote systems change, coordinate advocacy and research for 1.2 million residents with developmental and other disabilities.

The Council is a public body that serves as a watchdog agency. It serves in an advisory role to the Governor and the State Legislature. It provides training to build the capacity of individuals and groups to influence social policy. The Council's goal is to help people with disabilities and their families improve their lives.

Council members include people with developmental disabilities, parents or guardians of people with developmental disabilities; nongovernmental service providers and representatives from state agencies that provide services to people with developmental disabilities and their families. Members are appointed by the governor and approved by the New Jersey Senate.


All individuals with developmental disabilities are natural, contributing members of their neighborhoods and communities, have real choice and control over their own lives, have the freedom to strive, excel, and make mistakes, are in a position to achieve personal goals, are in a position to affect policy and process, and have the same rights, privileges, responsibilities, and opportunities of citizenship as does any other New Jersey resident.

Still Separate and Unequal (PDF)


Voter Rights For People With Disabilities

Tips For Communicating With Elected Officials


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