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Corruption at La Guardia Community College

LaGuardia Community College, CUNY, is a scandal waiting to explode. It is a pseudo-educational institution strangled by administrative corruption, lack of academic standards, political cronyism, religious discrimination, and widespread incompetence at all levels.

LAGUARDIACORRUPTION.COM is dedicated to exposing the ethically bankrupt leadership that has reduced the College to a tragic hoax and disgrace to higher education for the past twenty-odd years. You are invited to see the effect of administrative corruption on education and, in particular, how cronyism, racial-bloc voting and anti-Semitism destroyed the Mathematics Department. We present the evidence; you be the judge. By giving the views of Prof. Martin Millman, as well as providing a voice for other faculty, students and interested parties, we hope to one day achieve the academic integrity envisioned by the school's founders back in 1971. LaGuardia attracts an ethnically diverse and multi-national student body which deserves nothing less.

More specifically, the many examples of corruption cited here may be summarized into the following five main areas of concern. We may call these HOW TO RUIN A COLLEGE IN FIVE EASY STEPS:

1. College P&B (Personnel and Budget) Committee members routinely rig tenure and promotion decisions by mutually approving each other's respective cronies, often favoring documented incompetents over people of real merit. This unethical practice, over the years, results in a school stocked with bad instructors (who are tenured for life) and, inevitably, significantly reduces the quality of education. LaGuardia is rife with examples: The FULL PROF of Mathematics who has no knowledge of Calculus, the Prof of Computer Science who never attends his lab classes. Another incredible example, perhaps unique in the annals of higher education, is the Prof, formerly fired for incompetence, who returned to become Chair of his department! The ultimate victims of this corruption are, of course, the students.

2. Racial-bloc voting in departmental elections. Election results are frequently determined by candidates' ethnicity rather than by their competence or qualifications for the job. Furthermore, such unethically elected Chairs will often reward racist voters by supporting them for tenure and/or promotion, whether or not they merit such support.

3. Department Chair multi-term dynasties (each term of office is three years in length) with their accompanying cronyism. These have resulted in extreme degradation of academic standards through the promotion of less-than-optimal (or frankly incompetent) faculty to leadership roles and the firing or non-promotion of superior people who vote the "wrong" way. The 50% failure rate on CUNY Remedial Exams (after students take a year of remediation) is but one of many illustrations of the effect of this mode of corruption.

4. TWENTY years of blatant anti-Semitism in the Mathematics Department. During the years 1981-2001, Prof. M. Millman was the only Jewish member of the Department allowed to come up for the tenure decision. Out of 14 Math Faculty granted tenure during 1981-2001, Millman was the only Jew. His record was too outstanding and well-known to be denied tenure. During this period, the Jewish population of the Department dropped from 35% to 9%, despite the fact that roughly half the job applicants are Jewish. The Department currently has two Jewish members out of 26 full-time people. Millman has been at LaGuardia since 1988 as Asst. Prof. and has never been promoted, despite having the best publication record in the department (he has co-authored papers with J.B. Keller of Stanford University, who is widely regarded as the world's foremost applied mathematician), an outstanding record of College contributions, and excellent peer and student evaluations. These facts are documented elsewhere on this website.

5. An incompetent, corrupt and paranoid Administration. The President's performance has been severely criticized by the Faculty union chapter. Administrators have lied to the NY Post by denying the existence of the above problems and labeling Prof. Millman and others as cranks. In reality, the Administration is well-aware that these problems exist but is unable or unwilling to deal with them. LaGuardia's leaders DEMAND MEDIOCRITY and obedience from an intimidated faculty and fear creativity and excellence as threats to their tenuous grip on power. Those who offer constructive criticism or who otherwise "make waves" by throwing light on corrupt practices are dismissed as disloyal members of the workforce.

By reading the anti-corruption memos that Prof. Martin Millman has written to the LaGuardia Faculty and Administration you will become at once educated, nauseated, enlightened and shocked about the corrupt practices going on behind-the-scenes at LaGuardia. To access these, click on MEMOS in the dark blue menu area on the upper left-hand side of this page.


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If you are a LaGuardia student, you may fill out an INSTRUCTOR/COURSE EVALUATION FORM online at any time. Due to cyberspace limitations, the form is presently restricted to Mathematics Department courses only. In the near future, we hope to expand this feature to include all departments. To access the form, click on EVALUATION FORM in the menu area.

The reprehensible practice of political cronyism at LaGuardia is the primary reason for the existence of so many incompetent faculty and the consequent misery they bring to the lives of students. By filling out a form, you alert your fellow students to the worst (and the best) faculty LaGuardia has to offer. The tabulated results of the faculty-evaluation forms students fill out at LaGuardia are never seen by the students. Nor are they used in the unscrupulous tenure and promotion process for Faculty. Civilized colleges allow their student governments to conduct faculty-evaluation surveys and make the results available to students. N.Y.U., for example, publishes them on the Web. Why does this process not exist at LaGuardia? The College Administration realizes that if they did allow it, there would suddenly be large numbers of instructors whose courses would never again be registered for!


This page will come into existence when a statistically significant sample of instructor/course evaluation forms has been submitted.


Be sure to click on MONTHLY UPDATE regularly to check out ongoing corruption at LaGuardia. The items are sorted with the most recent at the bottom of the list. Faculty and students may contribute to MONTHLY UPDATE by E-mailing us at the address given at the bottom of this page. UPDATE CONTD is a new (2/28/02) page which continues the list of atrocities. We ran out of space on the first page. CONTD AGAIN (created 3/6/04) continues the continuation.


The page entitled STUDENTS SPEAK OUT contains a brief selection of letters by students who are fed up with the demeaning treatment they receive at Laguardia and with the lack of academic standards and epidemic of cheating. Click on STUDENTS SPEAK. The most recent contributions appear at the top of the list. Students wishing to contribute to this page should E-mail us at the address given at the bottom of every page.


This most recent (6/12/02) page outlines Prof. Martin Millman's outstanding qualifications for the promotion that the corrupt LaGuardia P&B Committee has denied him for the past nine years. Many similar cases have occured over the years, one of the most disturbing being in the CIS Department this year (2002). Here, an excellent faculty member has been turned down for promotion for the fifth consecutive year for despicable, purely political reasons. Click on QUALIFICATIONS.

We hope you find your visit here instructive and rewarding. Together we can defeat the forces of corruption and stupidity and re-create the wonderful LaGuardia of old!