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Political Refugee Dr. Les Sachs Speaks About His Prosecution By the United States Government

Almost immediately after his selection as the new US Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman found himself thrown into the middle of a major international legal case, regarding the Bush-era US efforts to silence and possibly murder a political refugee from the US who is now an EU citizen in Belgium, Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs. Journalist Roberto Saviano speaks of the specific strategy that is used by mafias to kill a brave journalist, and he says: "Their strategy is simple – they try to destroy the image, the essence, of the person who is attacking them, that is what they have always done. They try to make out that you are lying, that you are crazy, a clown. Recently, that is what they have tried with me. If they can put out that message, that you are nothing, then you are vulnerable." - Roberto Saviano

Obama's Ambassador Pick Howard Gutman Faces Questions Re US Crimes in Belgium
Dan Hajidah 18 Jun 2009 22:22 GMT

US President Barack Obama's just-announced choice for US Ambassador to Belgium, Howard W. Gutman, found himself immediately facing a major set of embarrassing questions about criminal charges against the US government which are pending in Belgium, charges involving threats of political murder by US political figures, and illegal US blocking of EU websites.

Almost immediately after his selection as the new US Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman found himself thrown into the middle of a major international legal case, regarding the Bush-era US efforts to silence and possibly murder a political refugee from the US who is now an EU citizen in Belgium, Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs.

With some irony, both Howard Gutman and Dr Les Sachs are graduates of Harvard University, both have Jewish heritage (with Sachs being non-Zionist), and both are veterans of the US Department of Justice.

But now, despite all this in common, Howard Gutman will be representing the US in Belgium, as the US government itself faces criminal conviction in Belgium for seeking to have Sachs murdered and forcing him to become a refugee, for spreading lies and criminal libel about Sachs, and for illegally ordering Google and search engines to block the journalism of Sachs from search results.

The pending criminal charges in Belgium including likely charges against US federal judges, a number of US lawyers, and also the right-wing author and political financier Patricia Cornwell, who has long been involved in spending very large sums to attack and destroy the political refugee Sachs, even after Sachs was able to escape to Europe.

Howard W. Gutman is a lawyer from the Washington, DC, Williams & Connolly law firm, who was a major fundraiser for Obama's campaign, leading to Gutman being rewarded with the position of Ambassador to Belgium.

Gutman and his Williams & Connolly law firm seem quite embarrassed and flustered by the whole legal situation of the US facing criminal charges for banning Sachs' freedom of speech and trying to have Sachs murdered, and have so far not been willing to comment on the case.

Just below are some of the questions served on Gutman about this major US-Belgian-EU legal controversy, first some questions served on Gutman by European journalists including this writer, and then the text of a fax to Mr Gutman sent to him directly by the political refugee Dr Les Sachs himself.

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To: Howard W Gutman Esq
Williams & Connolly LLP
Ambassador-Designate of the USA to Belgium
From: Dan Hajidah
Date: 2009/6/14
Subject: Press query - Howard Gutman in legal case regarding criminal acts in Belgium

Dear Mr Gutman,

Interviewing you about the major legal firestorm into which you step, as you arrive in Belgium as the new US Ambassador for President Obama, regarding the European criminal charges against a number of US figures, associated with quite serious criminal acts that were operated under the supervision of the US Brussels Embassy under your predecessor Sam Fox of the Harbour Group.

Would like to have your comments - or document your stonewalling - regarding your US government committing terrorist acts to murder a political refugee from the US and now EU citizen in Belgium, who is under the protection of members of the Belgian royal household, after former Ambassador Sam Fox oversaw crimes toward having this victim assassinated.

These crimes are verified by DOJ staff as well as the police files here. We already have files from DOJ proving terrorist felonies, scanned and available online, link just below.

This refugee from the US is a fellow graduate with you of Harvard University, a fellow veteran with you of DOJ where he won an award, and also shares Jewish heritage with you.

Yet your government has committed a series of terrorist acts to murder him, because he is a journalist critic of your regime. We want to know your position on these US terrorist crimes in Belgium, as you take up your position.

Eric H Holder Jr is currently developing his own position, which seems to be that there should first be Belgian criminal charges against the US government, before Holder feels strong enough to prosecute felonies involving both US intel agents and US federal judges. Which is going to land you right in the soup.

We have a number of preparatory stories online in independent media before the actual legal procedures begin, but this situation will be front-page across Europe as the formal legal process gets underway. - You can find our own stories via the link below, please note especially these two articles:
Two EU Writers Under Threat of Murder

US Justice sources: US 'Trials' of Political Refugee in Europe Were Both Fraudulent

The legal charges involve not only threats of political murder, but also your US judges illegally blocking European websites from web search engines, and criminal libel by US media figures, and dishonest US college professors, who have published lies and hoaxes on the internet, to support the victim being murdered in Belgium.

So before you and your colleagues at Williams & Connolly jump on the web and start reading 'law professor' articles on this case, please note that you are likely reading deceptive criminal lies bought by bribery or corrupt influence.

For example, there is false material originating with law Prof Roy Girasa of Pace Univ, working for the friends of Bush to spread lies to murder this victim. Prof Girasa himself now faces criminal charges in Belgium. Prof Girasa is simply a liar and hoax-maker prostituting his 'law professor' identity, and his lies were used to generate other lies and hoaxes on the web. (Feel free to share this with Prof Girasa, we have long been in touch with him, and we have already called him a liar in print.)

If you see any news story or law professor article that tries to claim the case is about some trivial 'plagiarism accusations', you are reading a libellous hoax.

The case is about anti-Semitic threats, extortion, and threats of murder by friends of US Virginia judges, of a quite significant journalist, whose writings have now been exterminated from the internet under illegal orders by US federal judges who want to kill this man.

Another criminal libel spread by your judges and media, is the libel that this journalist Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs, was a 'cyberstalker' because he published accounts and proof of how your US figures threatened to murder him.

The legal process of criminal charges against the US government and US political figures, may commence about the time of your installation and reception here.

Your mafia federal judges from Virginia, even sent harassing e-mails to Belgium, about how they were ordering the victim's websites blocked from search engines, to help kill him.

Thus, very historically this legal case involves criminal and terrorist acts not only by a political fundraiser bribing the Bush family, but also criminal acts of terrorism and harassment committed by federal judges in Virginia.

The funding for the attacks on this dissident mostly came from the right-wing author and financier Patricia Cornwell, who gave the Bush family a USD 1 mill. 'gift' to help ensure she would not be criminally prosecuted under the Bush presidency.

In the initial crimes against the journalist Sachs, as DOJ confirms, Cornwell's lawyers bribed federal Judge Payne to instantly ban the freedom of speech of Sachs, and then friends of Judge Payne - criminals also operating a fake 'foundation' - threatened to torture Sachs to death in a Virginia jail cell, claiming that, without trial or appeal, Sachs almost instantly 'agreed' to have his publishing company destroyed, his freedom banned for the rest of his life, and to pay lifelong extortion money to the friends of the Judge. - Sachs was able to make a narrow to escape to Europe to save his life, where he did much journalism about the corruption of Cornwell and your US judges.

Sachs' journalism about the corruption of 4th Circuit Appeals Judge Harvie Wilkinson, led to Wilkinson not being appointed to the Supreme Court by President Bush. - It seems Wilkinson now wants Sachs banned and dead, and in 2007, Wilkinson supervised a new fake 'proceeding' with 4th Circuit Judges Hudson and Moon, ordering search engines to block the European websites of Sachs.

Cornwell was invited by the judges and by US intel agencies, to commit new counts of perjury and spread hoax 'stalking' stories, to help justify the blocking of the websites of Sachs, so the murder of the journalist Sachs could be completed. - Patrick Fitzgerald took part, representing US intel, supporting these crimes to have Sachs banned and murdered. - The scheme was orchestrated by the WilmerHale law firm and by lawyer Jimmy Morris in Richmond, working as partners with the CIA. - Sam Fox oversaw these criminal acts from the US Brussels Embassy office where you are now heading yourself.

As part of this scheme of racist murder against Sachs, US intel agents and WilmerHale took part in criminal threats and intimidation of Belgian lawyers who had earlier promised to help Sachs against your US government's crimes.

As this whole criminal scheme is now coming unravelled, WilmerHale has now fired the two main lawyers, led by Joan Lukey, who were working to have Sachs murdered. - The NY Times has fired a journalist who sent Sachs hate mail and published lies and libels about him. - Some of the stories that were telling lies about Sachs are being removed from the web by corporate media, who had been spreading the hoax 'stalking' libel and also the 'plagiarism accusation' hoax.

You can educate yourself about the facts here, with articles and scanned copies of DOJ and police files, linked here:

The financier author P Cornwell is most closely associated with the Bushes, but she has also long been known with being a donor to Hillary and her husband, and our understanding is that Hillary would also tend to cover for Cornwell, maybe herself even favour having Sachs being banned and murdered - you will please inform us if that is not her position as State Dept Secretary, once you join Hillary's team.

We want to know if your position would be to try to put an end to these crimes, and to end the violation of Belgian and European laws, whereby the US and now the Obama government, are illegally blocking this man's websites to enable his murder.

Or, Mr Gutman, if you will yourself join the US criminals who are telling lies about Sachs and trying to assassinate him.

We are sure this is a difficult matter for your Williams Connolly firm, which is also likely afraid to deal with the issue of Virginia federal judges involved in extortion and threats of assassination against a political dissident. - Likely you will also want to stay mum about these terrorist criminal acts, but that is going to be difficult given the position you are taking. We will follow up with you in a few days, and we invite any comment of any type from you and your colleagues.


Dan Hajidah

- About Dan Hajidah -

Abdan "Dan" Hajidah is a researcher for journalists at European news agencies, and is now doing some journalism under his own name. Dan shares most of his time among several countries of Northern Europe - the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium.

Dan is particularly interested in the role of progressive Muslim culture in modern European life, and issues of freedom of expression that affect the Muslim community. Dan has written articles on Islamic finance and banking, and on inter-faith marriages among Muslims.

Fax to:
Howard W Gutman, Williams & Connolly LLP
From: Dr Les Sachs, Political refugee from US, now EU citizen, Brussels, Belgium
Tuesday 16 June 2009

Re: Howard W Gutman role in criminal charges in Belgium
- US government crimes of terrorism and extortion
- illegal US 'orders' to suppress European websites for terrorist purposes

Mr Gutman,

Your own actions and words with regard to the US terrorist crimes committed against me in Belgium, will come to define your entire life and career. Thus it is good you are already informed about the international legal proceedings involving you, right upon your arrival in Belgium.

What you do or don't do, will shape and define the image of the Barack Obama government in Europe – whether, as some Europeans already fear, Mr Obama is just another salesman for a corrupt US political mafia, a US mafia which is even willing to murder European citizens like myself, and brazenly violate EU laws, with the US suppressing European websites to kill innocent people.

Moreover, European businesses are already pulling back from doing enterprise in the US, because of fear that your US federal judges are corrupt, and merely a gangster's mafia for insider US interests.

And now, there will be EU legal proceedings about your US federal judges who menace to murder me, your US judges who held two fake 'show trials' to spread criminal libels about me, your US judges who illegally order the blocking of my EU internet sites and even send harassing e-mails to Belgium. Now as the EU courts proceed to convict your US political figures and judges of terrorist crimes and criminal libel against me – now, business people across Europe will know from these trials, that they should be in total fear of corruption by US judges; that if they dare to visit the US, they too might experience violation of all their human rights, and threats of torture and murder by US judges – just as I have suffered these terrorist offences, not only inside the US, but with your gangster judges and government even criminally harassing me in Belgium.

Mr Gutman, you are already fully aware that your US government and political figures, are guilty beyond any shadow of doubt, of quite serious criminal and terrorist offences against me, as DOJ staff confirm. These crimes extend far beyond the crimes of the drug-addled political financier Patricia Cornwell, and extend through to your US federal judges who took Cornwell's bribery money, your multiple US lawyers engaged in fraud and extortion crimes, and your US government agents who have engaged in criminal acts of extortion and spreading criminal libel since I arrived as a political refugee in Europe.

Mr Gutman, these criminal acts of the friends of George Bush and the George Bush government and Bush's corrupt Ambassador Sam Fox, have now become criminal acts of the Obama government, with every day that you continue your government's criminal offences against me.

Every day that your Obama regime continues to impose the illegal blocking of my own journalism sites from Google and the internet search engines, every day that Holder delays the prosecution of these crimes, every such day is a new criminal and terrorist act against me, a crime toward having me murdered.

Mr Gutman, you know what is your own moral and legal obligation, as you now assume a role as Ambassador of the US government that has been threatening to murder me; and severely violating international treaties and EU laws, by blocking my websites as part of this scheme to carry out the threats to kill me. If you walk into the Embassy job without demanding public prosecution of those who attacked me, you are wilfully guilty of taking on a role of propagandist and accessory to international acts of terrorism and extortion.

- Dr Les Sachs

Two significant writers in Europe are now under direct threat of murder by criminal mafias, in revenge for their journalism.

One of these authors is Roberto Saviano, the author of a major book on the mafia in Italy, and under direct threat that he will be murdered, by order of those whose criminal operations Saviano has helped to expose.

The other of these authors is the political refugee from the US in Belgium, Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs, also an anti-corruption journalist and book author. Like Saviano, Sachs has also dared to break some taboos.

Dr Les Sachs has dared to be a pioneer journalist writing about what is perhaps the largest criminal mafia in the world - The mafia of corrupt judges and lawyers in the United States of America, the mafia who are imprisoning hundreds of thousands of innocent people, the mafia who accept bribes to destroy and torture the innocent, the mafia who use the US courts a licence to steal from all the world's citizens.

According to the criteria explained by Roberto Saviano in his recent interview with Euronews-net, it may actually be Dr Les Sachs who is in even graver danger of imminent murder, by the US political figures who want to have Sachs assassinated.

The Euronews interview with Roberto Saviano can be found here:

In this above interview on "Living with the threat of death", Roberto Saviano speaks of the specific strategy that is used by mafias to kill a brave journalist, and he says:

"Their strategy is simple – they try to destroy the image, the essence, of the person who is attacking them, that is what they have always done. They try to make out that you are lying, that you are crazy, a clown. Recently, that is what they have tried with me. If they can put out that message, that you are nothing, then you are vulnerable." - Roberto Saviano

Saviano explains that it is the "the media spotlight shining on me" which is his margin of safety.

By Saviano's analysis, the life of his fellow journalist Dr Les Sachs in Brussels, is hanging by a thread, and Sachs is much more in danger from the US and CIA government mafia, than Saviano is in danger from the Italian mafia.

An estimated US $2 million has been spent on the long US campaign to have Dr Les Sachs silenced, banned and murdered. A large portion of this amount of money to attack Sachs, has been spent on what European lawyers describe as the largest global media campaign of libel and lies, that has ever been launched against a political refugee.

The internet is now filled with lies and hoaxes about Sachs by large media companies, helping the CIA and US government.

Moreover, in order to help murder Dr Les Sachs, the US judges have given instructions to Google and other internet search engines, to ban and block Sachs' European websites, and shut down Sachs' sharpest political blog, with articles that were prized by thousands of victims of the US legal system, articles like Sachs' "Americans Murdering Their Judges", which have been called "brilliant".

The US judges and government are now directly instructing the monopoly-dominant Google, to close down and 'erase' the truth about Sachs from the internet, so that much of Sachs' own journalism cannot be found, and most people can only find the lies about Sachs that are being spread by politically-connected US media companies.

Regarding the lies and hoaxes being spread about Dr Les Sachs, European journalists have begun to fight back, and place online some scans of government and police files which expose the falsehoods in these attacks upon Sachs. An online resource regarding the crimes against Dr Les Sachs, and the lies and hoaxes against him, can be found here:

Very sadly, and quite significantly, the mighty near-monopoly search engine Google has agreed to co-operate with the US government, to help murder Dr Les Sachs in Belgium. Google has agreed to block and hide Sachs' European websites so he can more easily be killed by US agents, while Google helps to spread lies about Sachs that were planted by US political figures.

A previous article, about Google's role in blocking the websites of Sachs so that he can be murdered, and explaining at length the history of the US mafia attacks on the journalist Sachs, can be found here:

Or also here:

The above article also informs readers as to how to find the European websites of Sachs that are banned and blocked under US orders, and lists some of the journalism of Sachs to which access has been denied or restricted by orders of the US mafia which is now trying to take political control of the European internet.

In addition to Google suppressing the truth, while pushing lies and hoaxes about Dr Les Sachs toward the top of search results, the monopoly-dominant website Wikipedia, has also long joined the efforts to have Sachs murdered.

Wikipedia hates Dr Les Sachs, because of how Sachs did early journalism, that exposed the corruption of Wikipedia in allowing operations by CIA and US intelligence agents, and by political friends of US President Bush. - So Wikipedia has declared a direct war upon Sachs, giving full support to the banning of Sachs' writings and to US figures who are funding efforts to have Sachs killed.

The official UK spokesman for Wikipedia, the British-Australian David Gerard, speaking for Wikipedia's founder Jimmy Wales, has sent hate mail and insults to Dr Les Sachs, and taunted Sachs by telling of his personal efforts to try and suppress Sachs' communications so that Sachs can be killed.

Indeed, for a long time, Wikipedia has allowed staff of US political figures to operate on Wikipedia, spreading whatever lies and insults they wished about Dr Les Sachs, and Wikipedia engaged robotic tools so that Sachs was blocked from eliminating the lies and insults and deceptions.

It seems that unlimited money is offered by the US establishment, to those who will help spread lies about Dr Les Sachs. Given that Sachs is under attack by the mafia of corrupt US judges, even US law professors have joined in the attacks upon Sachs, helping to spread lies and hoaxes about him.

One such law professor is Rosario Roy Girasa, working directly for the publishing company of a major Bush contributor, and also directly linked to a US lawyer, Alexander "Alex the Gangster" Gigante, apparently a member of the New York Gigante mafia crime family, and Gigante himself a leader and originator of the efforts to have Dr Les Sachs banned and murdered.

Professor Girasa wrote a dishonest 'law professor article' which told elaborate lies about how Dr Les Sachs came to suffer the US banning of his journalism and freedom of speech. The lies of Girasa on the internet, then became a major 'source' for the lies on Wikipedia attacking Sachs, and then for many other internet comments attacking Sachs as well.

With Sachs' own websites blocked and banned by Google, the most important journalism of Dr Les Sachs is now very hard to find directly. - Among that central journalism that is banned, is the true story of how Sachs became a refugee, how the US judges and government have threatened to murder him, and the set of criminal acts committed by US agents in Europe, since Sachs took refuge here.

Some of the major US media companies, having printed false and libellous stories about Sachs in the past, now have a direct mutual financial interest with the US government, in seeing that Sachs is murdered, to cover up for their own past misconduct.

With all the lies about him on the internet, and his own websites blocked, the reputation of Dr Les Sachs is largely smeared and slandered, from the point of view of casual searchers of Google, who do not realise that Google has agreed to help the CIA and US government to spread lies about Sachs and hide the truth about him.

Indeed Sachs has suffered the calamity of malicious large-scale slandering, which his fellow threatened writer Roberto Saviano says is the prelude to mafia murder. As Saviano said in his Euronews interview, as if speaking of Sachs himself: "... They try to make out that you are lying, that you are crazy, a clown. ... If they can put out that message ... then you are vulnerable. ... "

The situation of the US media slandering of this brave US dissident Dr Les Sachs, is so wicked, that people from all around the world have e-mailed Sachs contempt and insults, after reading lies about him that they have found via Google or Wikipedia.

They have tried to do the same thing with Roberto Saviano, but Saviano was lucky in that the Italian mafia did not control the larger European media and publishing companies, which are able to give Saviano "the media spotlight shining on me" which Saviano declares is helping to protect and save his life.

Roberto Saviano's colleague, Dr Les Sachs, is not so lucky, however, given that Sachs' journalism has challenged the most powerful mafia in the world, the mafia of US judges, and the mafia of US media companies who support US legal corruption.

It is the brilliance of Dr Les Sachs' banned journalism, that he has gone into the most taboo topics, the very core machinery, of the whole US programme of global war, torture and attacks upon the innocent.

Despite the fact that Dr Les Sachs' journalism is hailed with great praise in thousands of emotional e-mails from victims of the US legal system, the large US media corporations are themselves forced to submit to the mafia. The US-based corporate media are unwilling to help anyone who exposes corruption among the US judges.

And thus Dr Les Sachs is a man marked for being banned, being slandered, and being assassinated.

European government figures think it possible that Dr Les Sachs may be murdered soon, and they may be helpless and unable to stop his murder - A murder that is more likely to take place by poison or arranged 'accident', rather than an assassin's bullet, which would be considered 'too messy' for a murder in today's Brussels.

The attacks on Dr Les Sachs are largely a legacy of the Bush era, as it was a close George Bush family friend and financier, the right-wing-extremist writer Patricia Cornwell, who has been largely funding the efforts to have Sachs banned and murdered. For US files showing evidence of criminal acts committed by Patricia Cornwell against Sachs, see here:

But the attacks on Sachs, initially by George Bush's financier friend and a few lawyers and one racist US judge, have now come to involve most elements of the US government apparatus, including the CIA and intelligence agents, and a large gang of US federal (national) judges, who all want to see Sachs dead, his journalism erased and extinguished, and never to be seen again on the internet once the ashes of Sachs' dead body have been cremated.

At the moment, it is not yet clear whether the new US Obama government, will change the Bush-era policy of seeking to have Dr Les Sachs murdered, and his writings erased and suppressed from the internet.

The new Attorney General of the United States, Eric H. Holder Jr, appointed by President Obama, has received an EU request to prosecute the clearly-proven criminal acts against Sachs. Holder has already received requests from Europe, to begin to put in prison these friends of Bush who acted to have Sachs threatened with murder, to destroy Sachs' life and journalism and to take all of his human rights away.

But Obama's Justice minister Eric Holder, is facing powerful internal US forces, which want to continue to have Dr Les Sachs banned and killed, and his journalism suppressed.

The fact is that Dr Les Sachs had become perhaps the most authoritative online 'underground' journalist regarding the corruption of the US legal system. - In the files for European police, are repeated e-mails from readers, saying how no one else had ever exposed as accurately, the true horrors of America's judicial and legal mafia.

A centrepiece of this journalism that was banned, is Sachs' own fact-based story about how US judges staged a fake 'trial' to ban his freedom of speech, with friends of the US federal judge directly threatening to have Sachs murdered. Sachs suffered instant banning of his freedom of his speech the very first day, and then, with no trial at all, friends of the US federal judge threatened to torture Sachs to death, to 'conclude' the case with a fake 'victory settlement' for Bush's friend.

Sources with the US Department of Justice itself make clear, that the entire proceeding was a proven fraud, with the judges' own friends threatening to torture Sachs to death. And the US court and government documents - some of which are already online, at the site linked above - clearly prove that major crimes against Dr Les Sachs were committed.

And then there was a second fake trial after Sachs took refuge in Europe, held by the same group of US judges who originally threatened to kill Sachs. The purpose of this second fake 'trial' - even though Sachs was already living as an EU citizen in Belgium - was to issue orders to Google to block Sachs' sites from the internet all around the world, and to help spread more lies about Sachs via US-tied media companies, and thus to enable Sachs' final murder and extermination at the hands of the US mafia.

The thousands of e-mails in the Sachs files, document clearly that, from his refuge in Europe, Sachs was in the process of galvanising resistance efforts among the millions of victims of the US legal system, especially in support of the grass-roots "Jail 4 Judges" movement, which has been trying to give common people in America, some tools to fight back against the US mafia of judges and lawyers.

It seems that this is a major reason why the US government as a whole, wants to have Sachs' websites blocked, and Sachs himself killed. - The US powers, at all costs, seem to want to destroy any possible challenge to the US judicial mafia, even if that means slandering and murdering a journalist and EU citizen in Brussels.

Another US-origin journalist, Mark Ames, who has himself lived partly in exile outside the USA, has spoken about how it is classic and typical US savagery, to try to utterly destroy people like Dr Les Sachs, who were on the verge of becoming significant figures of resistance to US oppression. Ames spoke about this in an interview with Jan Frel on AlterNet, which can be found here:

In this interview, Mark Ames said, apropos of high-potential US resistance figures:

"As for the slave tendency in humanity, I think it's a lot stronger in America than in most other countries in part because no other country on earth has so successfully crushed every internal rebellion. Slaves in the Caribbean for example rebelled a lot more because their oppressors weren't as good at oppressing as Americans were. America has put down every rebellion, brutally, from the Whiskey Rebellion to the Confederate Rebellion to the proletarian rebellions, Black Panthers, white militias... you name it. This creates a powerful slave mentality, a sense that it's pointless to rebel."

Mark Ames seems to have his finger on the motives behind the sheer ferocity and enormous expense of the US efforts to have Dr Les Sachs banned and suppressed, "slandered all over the internet", and murdered.

The US indeed seems hell-bent on having Sachs attacked and killed, not caring about violations of international laws and treaties, and committing a whole series of crimes in Belgium. As a German police source said about another European attacked by the CIA " ... It does not matter to the Americans that somebody is German or whether sovereignty is violated. They are like rabid dogs." This quote is from an article, "Berlin Protected a German Citizen From CIA", which can be found here:,2144,1830349,00.html

Here in Belgium, as of this writing, Dr Les Sachs remains alive, under the quiet patronage and protection of members of the royal house of the King of the Belgians, friendly elements in the Belgian police, the Government of France, and other parties who have been giving quiet support to Sachs.

Also expressing concern for Dr Les Sachs, is the International Federation of Journalists, currently reviewing the courses of action to take, regarding helping to keep this brave journalist alive in the face of the threats to murder him in Brussels.

Though Dr Les Sachs has quiet support among European governments and institutions, extending right into the royal household of the King of the Belgians, the European governments - as is typical regarding the US - still do not want to be too confrontational against the US government, despite the fact that there has actually been a history of US-linked political assassinations and assassination attempts in Belgium.

A list of dozens of "Alleged assassinations in Belgian history" between 1950 and 2005, has been assembled by the 'Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics', and can be found here:

With several dozens of victims, including an 'accident' killing another, while Dr Les Sachs himself has been here in Europe, it may indeed be that this journalist Dr Les Sachs does not have too long to live before he is murdered.

One centre of the Belgian efforts to have Dr Les Sachs banned and murdered, aside from the CIA and other intelligence offices here, is the CIA-linked WilmerHale law firm office in Brussels under Christian Duvernoy. Duvernoy and his partner Joan Lukey in Boston, work for the Bush financier Patricia Cornwell, with a very direct role in the long-term efforts to have Sachs banned and killed. Duvernoy and Lukey do not deny that the murder of Sachs is their goal, and that they are spreading lies around the world and working to block Sachs' websites, so that his murder can be completed.

Among various kinds of criminal acts committed against Dr Les Sachs in Belgium, has been the criminal intimidation of some of Belgium's leading lawyers, who first promised to take legal actions to help protect Sachs, and then the lawyers themselves were criminally intimidated by the US mafia forces centred around Duvernoy and the CIA-linked WilmerHale law firm.

The names of current lawyers for Dr Les Sachs are not mentioned here, precisely because of the ways in which other Belgian lawyers have been criminally intimidated.

But a question remains as to whether, given the US-led global media smear campaign against Dr Les Sachs, and the blocking of his own websites from the search engines, whether Sachs is now indeed so vulnerable to being murdered - by the criteria that Roberto Saviano has noted - that perhaps Sachs will himself be killed, before the European courts finally force the US government and Google to end this clearly illegal banning and blocking of Sachs' websites.

The truth about Roberto Saviano's case, as a victim of threats of mafia murder, is already well known under a favourable media spotlight. - For Dr Les Sachs, the truth is still only beginning to be known, with Sachs' own websites suppressed from the internet, while a wall of USA media lies and slandering tries to bury Sachs and set up his assassination.

There are many aspects to the long-running attacks on Dr Les Sachs by the US government and by the Bush financier Patricia Cornwell, given the long efforts to destroy Sachs and the approximately US $2 million spent so far to try to ban him and kill him. But for a general overview of the facts of the case, including original scans of US court files, US Department of Justice files, and European police files, see the following site:

And see also the following detailed survey of the attacks upon Dr Les Sachs, the banning and slandering of this important US dissident, and the lies and hoaxes used to attack him.

Or also here:

- Dan Hajidah
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Abdan "Dan" Hajidah is a researcher for journalists at European news agencies, and is now doing some journalism under his own name. Dan shares most of his time among several countries of Northern Europe - the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium.

Dan is particularly interested in the role of progressive Muslim culture in modern European life, and issues of freedom of expression that affect the Muslim community. Dan has written articles on Islamic finance and banking, and on inter-faith marriages among Muslims.

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